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JETWEAR is a Youth-Inspired Product Line founded 3/8/2010

& Dedicated to Darrel Ashley Tolliver Sr.

Innovative, Creative, and Gifted are just a few words that describe the Millineum Designers that create & manage the JETWEAR line.

Partnered with Voices United of Miami JETWEAR promotes Unity and Cross-Cultural Understanding thru the Arts.  Looking good (from the inside out) empowers young people to reach thier full potential and become better leaders for the future.

JETWEAR & Voices United are for those all over the world who just wanna shine & BE LIGHT!

Jordan Elijah Tolliver- J.E.T.

is the JET in JETWEAR.

A Fulltime Student & Baseball Player

Jordan works overtime Building Character

while also building the Brand.

Follow Jordan!

&Stay tuned for whats new @ JETWEAR !

Also follow to find out how YOU can take action & make the world a better place!

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